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Nimble VR is joining Oculus

Resh Sidhu

The super clever folks over at Oculus Rift VR are about to get a little more hands-on, they've just bought Nimble VR, hand-tracking experts. 

Getting around in a Virtual world and performing actions in it are still very much open territory for developers to explored, but you are confined to a controller of some kind. The Nimble Sense peripheral for the headset was looking to change that, with a Kickstarter that was getting good traction -- $135,511 of its $62,500 goal -- but that changed today.

That's because Oculus have made a very smart move and announced they have bought the company that was making the device.

Today, we’re happy to share that we’ll be joining forces with Oculus, a team that is creating an entirely new medium, platform and industry. We’re excited not only to continue to push at the boundaries of input and user experience in VR, but to do so with the resources and means to make a bigger impact on a larger audience.
— Nimble VR Team

The device that's got everyone excited is a depth-sensing camera with infrared -- like the Kinect, or the Leap Motion controller -- equipped with software specially designed for skeletal hand tracking. This was designed to be mounted onto the top of the Oculus Rift headset, with the cameras angled down at the user's hands for gesture control and manually interacting with 3D objects in a virtual world.

So what happens next? The Nimble sense as it's currently exists will not be going ahead, instead Oculus VR said, the team will be winding down it's current projects to focus on VR for product engineering and Oculus Research for Oculus VR.

Exciting times lie ahead the future of VR is looking bright!

Chrysler Launches Oculus Rift VR Experience

Resh Sidhu

Stopp and MPC Creative deliver new possibilities in visual storytelling for Chrysler VR experience To promote the all­-new Chrysler 200, Wieden+Kennedy Portland partnered with Stopp and MPC Creative to deliver a first-of-its-kind interactive, photo­real virtual reality experience.

‘Beneath the Surface’ is a four-minute experiment in pushing the boundaries of what’s doable in virtual reality. Using the latest Oculus Rift DK2 headset, users are immersed in a beautiful rendering of the Chrysler 200 and taken on an audiovisual tour of the car and the state-of-the-art facilities that make such a vehicle possible. The visual thrill ride is augmented by an explosive soundscape that literally shakes the car beneath the user.

360 Oculus Rift experience: Virtual Cape Town by Visualise

Resh Sidhu

To encourage visitors to South Africa, the country's tourism agency worked with virtual reality specialists Visualise to create a virtual tour of the country. The program allows people to experience highlights of a trip to South Africa, such as visits to markets and bars, shark diving, kitesurfing, and paragliding.

Mind blowing The First Oculus Rift Surgery

Resh Sidhu

The Moveo Foundation, an organization dedicated to advancing technology for orthopedic surgery, created a training project that lets medical students get a first-person view of an actual surgery.

In June, the group used a dual camera system attached to a doctor's head at the European Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris to capture a hip surgery as it happened. The recording was optimized for the Rift, allowing students to look around the operating room. Students can view the surgery through the VR headset, or turn their head to see what the nurses are doing.

Moveo hopes the experiment can train future surgeons and also help experienced doctors learn new techniques by stepping into the virtual shoes of another surgeon.