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A headset with a view

Karen Boswell

The escape of scaling a mountain, of being on top of the world when you reach the summit is something I crave every time I look around me at the city crowds. Though a pipe dream Everest is one that I would love to climb. Not a reality though... until now. 

A collaboration between Sólfar Studios and RVX (the studio that helped with the effects in the film Everest) will introduce EVEREST VR to us in 2016.  This will mean mere mortals like me can conquer the mountain through an advanced CGI model created from 300,000 high res photographs and advanced stereophotogrammetry, taking real time graphics to the next level. 

Kjartan Pierre Emilsson CEO and co-founder at Sólfar said “By combining incomparable visual fidelity with real player agency and interactivity, EVEREST VR will immerse you in a virtual reality that feels both real and emotionally stunning."

It promises to be more compelling than the film, and that was pretty good. 

Crossing a crevasse, from the film Everest

Crossing a crevasse, from the film Everest

According to Sólfar you start your expedition with prepping at Basecamp, then go on to traverse the Khumbu Icefalls, scale Lhotse Face,  before ascending the Hillary Step and venturing on to conquer the summit of Everest. Epic doesn’t really cover it.

Here’s a teaser…

I can't wait to try this out, and others. The Moon maybe, or Mars. Why limit ourselves to Earth…

Justin Lin and The Mill create a live action 360 film : Help

Resh Sidhu

The Mill collaborated with Google ATAP and Director Justin Lin on the latest Google Spotlight Story ‘HELP’, their first immersive, live action film made uniquely for mobile and relied upon SCANable to capture all of the sets, locations, actors and vehicles in 3D for recreation of each item as photorealistic 3D digital assets. 

Google’s Spotlight Stories launched in October 2013 as a new storytelling platform for the mobile audience. ‘HELP’ is the fourth story in the series, and is a classic tale of explosions, aliens, heroines and heroes. The difference is the phone holds the story, giving the audience a window to look anywhere, set the pace and frame the shot.

Google Spotlight Stories has created a new mobile format for storytelling that pushes what’s technically and creatively possible, by engineers and artists.

In the context of recent immersive or virtual reality (VR) productions, ‘HELP’ is groundbreaking in that it combines live action and computer graphics in a 360 environment, creating an action-driven story deploying cinematic quality visual effects. 

The Mill was involved in every aspect of ‘HELP’, collaborating from the planning stage to assist Justin Lin and the team at Google ATAP in realizing their ambitious cinematic vision. A major challenge that The Mill helped solve was the lack of a camera rig equipped with multiple cameras (built in a full 360 degree array) and ability to follow the action in the way the director required.

After numerous tests, experimentation and R&D, The Mill developed ‘Mill Stitch’ (TM pending), a proprietary software solution that takes images from multiple cameras and then stitches the output into a continuous 360 degree view. This on-set solution provided the director and director of photography with the unique ability to dynamically move the camera to follow the high-intensity action that is the dramatic hallmark of ‘HELP’. During post-production, a more refined version of ‘Mill Stitch’ was used in tandem with several other proprietary Mill software tools to rebuild a seamless drama combining live-action and vast CG environments.

Alongside the new pipeline and desktop tools, The Mill created an app that allowed for daily viewing on a tablet so Justin and the Google ATAP team could review the film.
Collaborating with Google ATAP's team of experts and with such an acclaimed live-action director as Justin Lin allowed The Mill to flex its creative and technical muscles to solve new and complex challenges.

Framestore VR Studio launches landmark project with the New York Times

Resh Sidhu

Framestore VR Studio is excited to be a part of this landmark project with the New York Times: designing and creating a VR film around the subject of biomimicry for brand partner General Electric. The launch of #nytvr this week marks a massive step forward for virtual reality, as over one million New York Times subscribers receive a Google Cardboard and gain access to a whole new world of content. Framestore VR Studio is excited to be a part of this landmark project, designing and creating a VR film around the subject of biomimicry for brand partner General Electric (GE).

Working collaboratively with the NYT, Creative Director Maryanne Butler set to work formulating ideas for the piece, driven by a story featured in the newspaper’s Science pages. Biomimicry, by way of explanation, is the use of nature’s models to solve human problems and inspire the design of new technologies. 

The film is an overwhelming triumph for all involved at Framestore VR Studio, who attribute the success of the film to a fantastic relationship with the NYT, as well as the collaborative talents of the artists within. ‘We had amazing clients who embraced all of our creative input and an absolutely stellar team’, says Maryanne of the project. ‘I am floored at where Andy and his team took the original creative through to final picture. Having an idea that resonated across an entire team, from design to finish, made for a truly unique creative experience’.

Oculus Social Alpha | This changes everything. Again!

Resh Sidhu

Oculus have done it again and has quietly launched an alpha version of it’s long awaited ‘Social’ platform, debuting on the Samsung Gear VR. Social Alpha lets your choose an avatar, share virtual spaces and interact with others in virtual reality and it's getting me exceptionally excited about the future of Social VR and building a community. 

There were indications since last year that Oculus was concentrating very hard on providing a platform integrated with it’s software portal Oculus Home. A platform that brings VR users together but actually experiencing it today is a totally different thing. It's changes everything and opens up a realm of new possibilities. Smart move Oculus.

Previously it was reported that Oculus was planning for movies bought on Gear VR — films like Total Recall and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes — to be shared simultaneously with up to five people . This appears to be the first step to unlocking that feature and I don't think it will be long before you see the feature working with Netflix.

If you have the chance get your hands on a GearVR and try it.

A whole new scale

Karen Boswell

Meet the visual cousin to the pixar lamp that takes VR to a whole new scale, quite literally... 

The IMMERSIS uses the latest generation immersive fisheye lens and a full HD resolution projector. The clever bit then combines this with an anamorphic algorithm that transforms any 3D or panoramic scene from your TV, in real time, then maps it onto any surface in any room you choose…

IMMERSIS Callibration

This wondrous invention comes from a collaboration between French start-up Catopsys and the Paris R&D arm of Ogilvy. Thanks to them we will soon be able to explore and importantly share (with real friends in a real world) VR in a totally new dimension.

Whilst I'm sure the gaming possibilities spring to mind instantly, I'm imagining watching Natural Earth with David Attenborough, I mean actually feeling like you are with him... or being at the Olympics, or going to space... whilst sat on your sofa, with your friends. Eep!

Immersive VR Experience.png

Originally backed on Kickstarter, it hasn't been a smooth ride getting this off the ground but fingers crossed it looks like the IMMERSIS will be available soon, pre-order rumors are starting...

I can't tell you how excited I am about this right now.