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Paul McCartney performs in virtual reality with a new Android app

Resh Sidhu

360-degree video company Jaunt is trying to turn virtual reality into a truly viable movie platform, for anyone with an Android phone and a cheap mobile headset like Google Cardboard.

Jaunt released a taste of what that might look like: an immersive version of Sir Paul McCartney performing at San Francisco's Candlestick Park in August.

The free app, which works on a range of Android phones, lets you watch a bombastic, pyrotechnical performance of "Live and Let Die" from the front of the stage or right next to Paul's piano. 

Jaunt was invited to tape the show the day after he demoed its technology to McCartney in Los Angeles. You could see him get it instantly
— Scott Broock

If you're on Android and can buy or make a VR headset, you can go ahead and grab Paul McCartney's app here.

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5 Insights for New VR Developers from DreamWorks Animation Head of Technology Product Development

Resh Sidhu

At Samsung’s 2014 developer conference last week, Warren Mayoss, Head of Technology Product Development at DreamWorks Animation, took to the stage during the second day keynote to talk VR. Mayoss shared some of the initial work that DreamWorks has done with virtual reality, including five insights for new VR developers.

Mayoss, who worked previously with EA for many years, was crucial to the launch of DreamWorks’ virtual reality initiative which seeks to extend the company’s storytelling franchises into new immersive experiences. That initiative manifests in the ‘DreamLab’, led by Brad Herman, where the company is experimenting with virtual reality.

Mayoss had five insights to share with those looking to jump into VR development.

1. Develop for the Medium - Don’t just assume that a flat screen will work. You really need to review your app, test your app, and play your app inside of a virtual reality headset

2. Real World Phobias May Translate to VR - You don’t want to present people with too much of a shock when they’re getting into this for the first time,” he said. “We’ve experimented with being able to tone down the level of action and movement to try to give the experience that someone was comfortable with.”

3. VR is a New Medium - “It’s a new medium. It’s amazing. There’s this wow-factor when you first get into it,” said Mayoss. “What we found when people first tried it is that they’re blown away and what they want to do is just look around and explore the environment.” He impressed upon developers they should give users a chance to feel out the virtual world before cutting to the chase.

4. Start Prototyping - VR is new, and like the early days of any medium, best-practices are still being defined. Methods for everything from functional UI design to avoiding sim sickess are still being uncovered. Time and time again we hear stories of researchers and developers deploying what seem like obvious solutions only to have their expectations crumpled up and tossed to the trash bin. 

“Start prototyping and developing. The only way we’re going to understand what works in VR and what doesn’t is to actually just start developing,

Start prototyping and developing. The only way we’re going to understand what works in VR and what doesn’t is to actually just start developing

5. Business of VR - “We’re in the beginning, it’s in its infancy. Gear VR’s launch will help us in the mass market consumer proposition and so we think that app monetization will be similar to mobile,” he said. “You need to ask yourself what you want to do, what your goals are, and what you would do to stand out…”

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